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Posted on 2017-01-16 00:37:10 by Anonymous

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hell yes more idol master model PLEASE

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>mfw I spent several weeks making my own models of the Jougasaki sisters


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More Idol master models, I beg you.

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played around with them a bit and Mika seems to have a problem with the rigging on her hair. None of her ponytails move, only her sideburns and bangs, although the bones and bodies are there. Rika seems to be working properly.

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Do they have boob physics?

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Yes, boob physics are working, although sharp movements can make the breasts clip through the clothes. Only problem seems to be Mika's hair.

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To anyone interested in converting, the Custom Maid 3D 2 Database has a bunch of Idolmaster Cinderella Girls presets:

CM3D2003916.preset (Kanade Hayami)
CM3D2003915.preset (Uzuki Shimamura)
CM3D2003766.preset (Uzuki again)
CM3D2002152.preset (Uzuki older version)
CM3D2000423.preset (Uzuki older version)
CM3D2003911.preset (Fumika Sagisawa)
CM3D2002995.preset (Fumika older version)
CM3D2003768.preset (Miho Kohinata)
CM3D2003767.preset (Kyoko Igarashi)
CM3D2003753.preset (Kanako Mimura)
CM3D2003752.preset (Anzu Futaba)
CM3D2003751.preset (Shizuku Oikawa)
CM3D2003404.preset (Shizuku older version)
CM3D2003310.preset (Shizuku older version)
CM3D2002955.preset (Shizuku older version)
CM3D2003678.preset (Chie Sasaki)
CM3D2003677.preset (Arisu Tachibana)
CM3D2003676.preset (Momoka Sakurai)
CM3D2003584.preset (Rin Shibuya)
CM3D2003506.preset (Kaede Takagaki)
CM3D2003358.preset (Miria Akagi cosplaying Mika)
CM3D2003175.preset (Ranko Kanzaki)
CM3D2002994.preset (Ranko older version)
CM3D2001510.preset (Natalia)

Posted on 2017-01-20 02:26:19 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
presets without the needed mods dont help much though :/

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