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Posted on 2019-06-21 20:57:36 by xXZuseXx

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Loads in all white. Please fix as soon as possible, please.

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@Sonic500887 Make a copy of the textures, rename all the copies to something in english, open the .pmx file with!gk1WDQ5L!xEMlO7mYECkcwzfw1YAb7XiFwgtpHlPfXmwsmlLETkU and manually replace all the textures in materials with the ones you've renamed (usually works for me)

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@Sonic500887 there's nothing wrong with the zip file the problem is with your computer and it can't handle Japanese character encodings.

use this to extract the zip

just drag the zip file onto the program and done

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sjisunzip not best solution,I recommend use Bandizip. Always work perfect for many languages and password protected files.

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Thank you.

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@Lezard: Not english!! :(