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Posted on 2019-03-01 18:27:13 by created

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was thinking of posting the adult honolulu model but dont know since it seem like people dont agree with paid model being uploaded here

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wrong file

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upload the honolulu model pls, i would buy it if they would take paypal but they dont...

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PLEASE share paid models!

Most of them can't be bought by us because the sites either don't accept oversea purchases or don't accept our payment methods at all.

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Pictures of a model are not the same as sharing a model. Comment dudes, don't make it sound like the booru is hosting models when it's literally just a preview image (with source link on the side, if available)

what people speak in the comments is not the same.

This site isn't a model uploader, it's just a resource to find things. *Links* to uploaders left in the comments by people do not make this booru an uploader. Saying it is makes us look bad.

That's like saying a 1970's expired Sears catalogue is going to outfit your whole kitchen with appliances because you see a picture in the catalogue, and some random third party guy in the comments says "oh, I saw that you can maybe still get faucet from the 1970's if you look here (directs to supplier)"


it's not the booru that's giving out models, it's merely a great resource in showing that they exist. What people talk in the comments isn't the booru.

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Was just saying because i wasn't sure if it was fine or not to post the model

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Dude, Feel free to post the full model here. That's kinda what this site was made for.

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Posting hurts no one.
People who can support, and wish to support the authors: will.
People who cannot support, simply can't.

No one was ever going to make a living off selling nude 3d models. Just some spare change on the side.
If you want to share. Then share.

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