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What the actual what?
Wait waitwaitwaitwaitwaaaaaaait a minute.

An actual R-18 edit of *PS's St. Louis model?

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And it is actually GREAT? WHAT?
And it not only has that usual (and kinda overused) TDA-based(?) multi-morph vagina model part, but as well as the exact same morphable anus model part from the CM3D2 converted models (whose anal spread diameter is excellent, in my opinion), and those were actually so much well placed?

Really, all of my serious props to whoever made this edit! (maybe the credits are in the included .txt file and I should know once I fix it, if it's not from the original modeler) The only thing missing for it to be "perfect" are the English morph and bone names, but I'm alright without them anyway. And I'm usually not someone who finds it right to say such a thing in public involving third-party edit distribution (even more considering *PS's model rules, among other modelers), but if whoever made this version of St. Louis is up to more, PLEASE, let Takao be the next one! (that would be the best gift I would get on MMDA right after that one LINARIA edit (id=1093). This may sound very exaggerated coming from me, though)

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Thank you so much for the distribution, by the way \o

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One correction (I can't do nothing with my previous comments, and I don't like to simply pass false information to everyone. Although that was a genuine first impression): I just remembered and confirmed that *PS actually never released a spring-themed St. Louis before, that confused me for a while, but the confusion was resolved shortly after some research. This is a mix between two or more models + the R-18 edits that I mentioned (if I'm not wrong). The head, the facials and various textures comes from *PS's regular St. Louis model and I am convinced that the full body might come from one of *PS models that are full bodied, however, the hair, the hair texture(?), the clothes and maybe part of the body is actually from a different(?) spring-themed St. Louis model by *EM_Works (you can also find it available to DL at Niconi Rittai ( — it is an ongoing collaborative GitHub modeling project, apparently). It doesn't show any position regarding R-18 edits, so I guess the edit is half safe…? But it shows that it used *PS's model assets as reference, that explains the clothes fitting perfectly and great similarity between the two models (the eyes, the body type, even the height is the same)!
But even so, I think that my "R-18 edit of *PS's St. Louis model" assumption is still valid in some form.

And I forgot to mention that the edit don't change the body (like usually), it has the exact same(?) body model crafting that *PS usually do (which have some of the sexiest MMD model bodies so far, in my opinion. One downside, though, is that they are a little bit too short for me, I have to manually adjust the height, I even mentioned it in here before (id=1492&pid=10))
And by "well placed", I meant about the spread morphs, as those even adjust complementary parts of the original body model

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Now that I took some time with the model, I can say that the anal spread part was placed in a strange way, it looks like it's a little too high or too deep, but I guess it's because the part is obviously not compatible with the body in the 1st place.

And JUST NOW I noticed the editor's Iwara user page at the source information. And guess what? heirdamu actually credited the original St. Louis modelers (which means, I commented all of this IN VAIN. I deserve this ¬¬) and encourages the users to do the same (to credit everyone: SPS (even though, like I said once before, SPS usually doesn't allow R-18 works with his/her models), DEM_Works (again, no positions regarding R-18 edits) and heirdamu him/herself for the model), at least in the videos (good thing that I don't make videos, and if I did, I would place required credits at the start anyway like how I usually do). I should keep in touch with the Iwara posts more often .-.

Now I really don't know what to comment about this St. Louis model…

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She does have some issues, but in my opinion she works better than most models out there. Her physics are smooth for the most part and her body is defined. Some of the morphs don't work the greatest but I've yet to see a model were the morphs DO work perfectly...

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I'm very happy someone shared the R18 model finally XD
I hope to see also the others Azur Lane girls someday...

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