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Posted on 2018-11-24 09:57:44 by shittyguy

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Posted on 2018-11-24 09:58:15 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam) this was a easy find on google

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>no nude model
Then what for is it here?
There are a lot of such dressed models. On the same NicoNico or DeviantArt.

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Yep, no nude. The only one who made a R18 edit of Takao (no headswap) is Efhedral I asked many time him to share the model but nothing :( I hope someone else will make another R18 edit of her one day.

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from other post someone ask for a a non nude models to be post here

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I'm not good at editing models, also I do not have much free time, so this model does not have vag, even so, if it can help, here I leave it.
Only Takao mizugi ver.!nxsy2Y5D!2k0-aPs1hTWbpFd2FIaAwUpMmMiauqMQzxGBCnalkIg

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Ehmmm i have made a model head swap.

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*sigh* Guys...
I said it in a(some) upload(s) before (I can't find exactly where, right now), and I'm saying it again:
MMDA is not necessarily for just uploading/downloading R-18 models, it is a model distributing database site just like any other, only besides the presence of the explicit content (which only happen to be a vast majority in here, and I believe this site was even created initially for distributing R-18 models), of course there will be non-full body models in here too. I'm not even part of the site's staff or anything, but it didn't take long for me to realize that.
If you wish to follow only R-18 uploads (and actually trust who tag and new posts in here), I'd suggest to follow the site searching for rating:explicit in order to filter the uploads, and then save/register/favorite the URL. Sure, it will decrease the variety of the models, but still. It's better than keep complaining about why certain models aren't nude.

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Now that I got it out of the way, I'd say that those models came here a very great time! I already have them, but just my (about one week old) knowledge about the characters, about Azur Lane and about the modelers let me to give very great news for those who are looking for the nude versions of THOSE VERY SAME MODELS!

Atago comes first, because (IF the automatic translators got that right) modeler かにかま (kanikama) actually ALLOWED R-18 works with the model, at least according with the description of her swimsuit variation post in ニコニ立体 (Niconi Rittai/Niconi Solid) (source:, and with that permission, uploader 第2級ねこみみ(貧乏)神 (dai ni-kyū nekomimi (binbō) kami, not sure if I got the romanization right) made a R-18 full body version of this Atago and also shared it through ニコニ立体, and you can download it directly with no account required, only by accessing the URL that appears right in the start of the description (link:
(It's not full body too, but I still prefer SPS' version of Atago's model over this, though)

Takao comes last, because modeler SPS outrightly PROHIBIT R-18 work with his/her models, among various other prohibitions, so although it's okay to keep it personal, I encourage you guys to not to publish any R-18 content with Takao or any SPS model (I'm not responsible for anything anyone will do with it, everything is entirely at your own risk). But I included Takao as well because I actually discovered that SPS' swimsuit Takao model (at least the version I have, Ver011) is actually full bodied! Yeah, without nipples or vagina, but it's full bodied anyways. So you can have fun with her too, but just personally, yeah. The model is also uploaded in ニコニ立体, but the download procedure is the usual way, and you should have a Nico Nico account to do so (link: Giving her sexy poses is okay, apparently (or any pose, Takao's sexy in any way, after all), at least with her swimsuit on.

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