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Posted on 2018-03-06 09:24:55 by Anonymous

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Whay Even put a DAME password on a MMD Model???

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pass in 508恋色病棟

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Rating is "Safe"

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We don't need "Safe" models on here...

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I don't see the problem with it tbh. This is a website for sharing models after-all. There's nothing wrong with being inclusive. I don't care that it's a "safe" model as I can just make it R-18 if I so choose.

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safe models are absolutely allowed. you can always filter out tags (or ratings in this case) that you dont like ;)

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@anon can you share it here after you make it into R-18?

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How many of you read the rules of these models?
I mean that part which the creator write:
Or you don't give a fuck, since you think It does not apply to westeners?

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More or less people have no respect for prudes.
One, there isn't any legal remedy they can pursue, and two, it's the internet.

Even children's shows become victim of rule 34 and trying to stop it just makes a fool out of any companies that try. If Hasbro can't stop it, what's going to stop tech savvy people from editing the model. If you don't want someone doing such a thing, don't release the model to the public. it will be reduced to the basic components of the internet within a week: cats and porn.

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