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Posted on 2018-01-28 20:56:12 by mmdisaster

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17 total models, 15 different characters. Miku and Minami have alternate hairstyles you can see in the insets.

The LiPPS models are NOT HEADSWAPS! They use the same base hair as those models, but the faces are completely different, and the hair has also been modified substantially on all of them.

As with my previous set of edits, reading the readme is strongly advised. This time, it contains step by step instructions to change the breast physics.

More characters to come later, probably, but I'm taking a break from editing for a while. This one was a lot more work than my previous set, even though it has far less models.

P.S. All of the models' poses in this picture are based off one of their actual game cards. See if you can figure out which card for each girl!

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*tick* noice

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Bless ya D.

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No anastasia? :<.

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>No anastasia? :<.

She's due to appear in the next set. I made a rough version of her but I scratched her because I didn't like how her hair turned out. Uzuki got the axe for the same reason.

Tentatively as of now the next set is planned to also include Rika, Natalia, Akane, Hajime, Airi, Momoka, Kaede, Sanae, Mary, Shoko, Koume, Clarice, Aki, Kako, Tsukasa and Chihiro.

...don't expect it any time soon.

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Cannot DL completely
Always Stop in the middle

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I have to admit that the choice of cast is somewhat peculiar. A few of the anime headliners and a couple support, Karen but no Nao (and she's the one girl who goes through infinite hairstyles yet doesn't have but her drills), and somehow the entirety of LiPPS.

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I used what I had available. I didn't have the up to date Nao (it's Bowlroll-membership locked) or she would have been in there and there were three or four other girls that I would have used but didn't have hair for. This is changing now that I have access to the game files and know how to rip from it rather than rely on fan versions and CM3D2; that said, it's a laborious process and I have other things taking up my time right now.

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Membership-locked Nao? I do have a Nao but I don't know if it's the supposed up to date one you're looking for. This one?

Also, since it's a laborious process to do what you said, I am sure there are other people like myself who'd like to help. It's just that the information is so ...cluttered and disorganized that it's hard to consolidate it all into something more cohesive and it doesn't help that the people on the forum in question don't seem too versed in English-that-makes-sense. IE: Plain, but decently formatted English.

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