4 months ago
Custom maid 3d 2 display pane and groove bone help!
Hello! I've been following the image version of the custom maid 3d 2 pmx editor edit tutorial from @Lusterz (check the description of the video for the image tutorial.

Click this link and you will see what my issue is

The funny thing is, the センター (groove bone) bone looks bad on the pmx editor (see imgur post above) but acts fine on mmd. But then, when I added in a motion, the lower body, legs, wips, waist and feet are weird.

Click here to see the video I made to show you what I mean:

Please go to my imgur post above to get more info. Thank you! ^-^

If you need me to send you the model so that you can help me, let me know here or on discord. Copy my discord info below to add me. My discord username is specifically with that font, so if you try to rewrite it with regular font, you will not be able to add me at all. Won't be able to find me.

If you want to chat on a different platform, just let me know and I will give you my account ID so that you can add me on whatever and if I do not have that platform, I'll just make an account. ^-^

Thank you all! (discord info is here)

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