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1st, idk if nightingale got an "official" model, so, anon, if you have an image, link, idk, post it to know which model you are looking for.

2nd, I gonna agree, the part of 1 million dollars is kinda absurd. That's not serious at all for a readme file. I don't know if this person has permission from the company to sell the model in melonbooks tho. But I will think that is just like sakimichan that is making profit from everything without permission at all.


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Again…? Why?


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Looks like someone is mad and doesn't care about anything anymore. What's even going on here?


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The people at page 2 are right. The reputation of the Western way of acting is already rock-bottom(?) in Japan, especially regarding piracy (I'm not sure if that's true, I'm mostly basing this with how they have strong laws about it and how there are various barriers for the Westerners to acquire products from there, making this absurdely hard to achieve).
Doing this kind of thing in a community of a 3D program with MOSTLY FREE acquirable assets, which have one of the rarest occasions in the internet where Japan is actually starting to interact harmonically(?) with the West, at least with YouTube and Iwara/the R-18 works (if you guys didn't noticed, there actually are Japanese people in here too, and there are quite a lot of them among foreign MMD works), is actually going to deeply worsen it up! Why?


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(And this can also relate to what happened in the comment section of post 1586, which was also a very recent case)


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Fate series was from Doujin. U know?
And the sale of these 3Dmodels is not regulated.
You might dislike the modeler Kinokoru.
but you don't have the right to decide. lol
TYPE-MOON has it.


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The zig.... You are an empty free rider and nothing.

Violation of the doujin rules will be warned by MelonBooks.
This case was a doujinshi. Discussions got excited and the book cover was replaced.
However, the 3D model has no problem. forgiven by TYPE MOON. melonbooks also forgave.
Will need your permission next time? That is a GREAT AUTHORITY lol

Anyways,"Uploading a fee-based 3Dmodel is a bad thing."
You must understand this. You have responsibility.
Don't blame the creator. It's scapegoating, miserable and stupid.
It is you, not creator, who is doing bad things.
Don't justify yourself.

Uploading after understanding these is........
Do as you like! XD hahahaha

But please don't upload a fee-based model immediately after release in mmdarchive.
It will be a quarrel involving both Gaijins and Japs.
This is like trolling.


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nice post thezig


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I don't really have the time to recover the memory of my opinion about if it's wrong or not for a individual to make profit over an existing copyright with a totally individual work, and I also don't know if it's ever allowed, either in Japan or outside Japan. But, I don't know about you guys, but at least I am already familiarized with paid fanworks of existing copyrights in Japan (and how it never works, as those can easily got unauthorized free distribution and even modifications a while after) for quite a while.
I am reminded of the 3Dカスタム少女 (3D Custom Girl/TDCG) mods being sold at DLsite, with a lot of those being based on existing copyrights (without necessarily mentioning explicitely the character or the series, for logical reasons) (and at least the Escalayer model + the R-18 male creatures that came with her, the Louise model, at least one of the two Sena Kashiwazaki models and ESPECIALLY the Japanese school and casual outdoor stages (which is not even from an existent copyright) were even ported to MMD funcionality with free distribution (I believe that the stages are even present in YandereSim), those are actually originally paid works intended for personal use).
There is also the Windows 100% magazine that comes close enough, but I don't necessarily count those as "fan works", or individual works in general.
And it's not limited to 3D models, I believe that there are even other fan works, like dōjinshi, picture galleries/artist CGs, movies and even visual novel games that are made based on an existing copyright and sold (and I know how many of those have easy access through sites especialized in dōjin and CGs and porn video servers). And it's not even limited to Japan either, there are also the case of the so-called artist "paysites" and supporter-only art rewards, and those also include, guess what, existing copyrights.
It is certainly not a new thing at this point.


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the link again, since it keeps getting edited out:


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I think the anons talking about this nightingale model
That is the only one I found so far


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from what i read this is a model you have to pay for on melon right?. models you have to pay for are not allowed here. and before anyone say "but you reupload other peoples models" yes i upload other peoples models here but i never paid for them and some of them have been take along ago, most of the models i found are hard find or can't be found, for example the ran yakumo hk models was stupidly hard to find.


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"take down along ago" i mean to say. really wish i can go back and edit my mistake

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