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Are there any VR programs that can use these models?

Mocu Mocu Dance can't. :(


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MocuMocuDance can probably use these models. It's just that it uses pmx as a format for the models and these ones here are saved as pmd. Use PMD editor and export each model as pmx. That should do the trick.


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Just a quick note if you do switch them to pmx... check the settings on leg IKs, they may have to be readjusted.


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↑ yajuu senpai model


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i like to use the models i dl here in a nice game called "sizebox".

the game takes the models in .gts format and .micro, some very good tutorials exist, but most don't bother since many are already-converted models can be dled in the discord.

OH and it does have various VR supports.


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can't seem to get any of your cinderella girls to work properly with raycast MME, it keeps turning their hair white.


Posted on 2020-07-14 02:06:59 (Flag for deletion)

That's a known issue. They rely on their hair spheres for hair color and raycast negates that. To resolve it their hair textures have to be modified into colored backgrounds instead of white and a neutral reflection sphere used (that's in PMDEditor, but because most of these girls have gradient hair shading I haven't gotten around to making solid color versions of the textures. It would be a rather massive undertaking. That will be eventually accounted for in a future release.


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incredible pack of models, I have a question, will you make a Makino Yagami model?


Posted on 2020-09-23 23:44:29 (Flag for deletion)

I may. I plan to do one more final set after this one and she is one of the characters I'm considering. Before I do though I want to go back and redo my first Cinderella Girls set with new hair and breast physics.


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who is the retard flagging contributors, get dat retard ass banned



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Is there really a "no head" fetish for some people?


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H_Dude - Anyone can have a fetish for anything really. But I assume this is for people to add heads from other characters to make them nsfw.



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So it's entirely possible that something went wrong on my end, but after extracting the zip files, all the pmx files are 0 bytes. There are no functioning models in the download. Did something happen to my download/extract, or is there something wrong with the files?

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