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Posted on 2019-02-10 02:04:17 by Anonymous

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You What are you saying

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Have you gone insane?

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You are Shineyo

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and now they are even. (these three nations. they are equally dumb)

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From what I can find out, the current version is indeed the one ʞaos posted a link to. Has two links, one going to the base model (top link). But doesn't contain this outfit. From digging around on the NV page, it seems the creator has a closed password distribution on their "community". Not sure if it means you need to leave a comment asking, or the creator has a specific place for it. However he also states that he considers password exposure, "vandalism".

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Which effectively means the odds of obtaining this model are 0. That's a shame. It's such a nice model too. I really would have liked to have it in my collection.

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Something like that, Anon, yes.
I had gone through the post as best as I could, and there was hints to what the password WAS in the comments. But those were before 2015 which I BELIEVE had a password updated then. If anyone can figure it out, it had something to do with the Miku song, "White Letter" on NicoNicoDouga. (Maybe? The major clue is the first song from Miku, and that's what I found.)
I could also be totally off-base with saying the password changed, however. I rely on machine translation and an elementary grasp of Japanese, so a lot can escape me. They used "パス" a lot instead of the full term, which that alone took some time to figure out. So try your own hand if you're more confident there and know MMD/Miku fanbase.

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