1 years ago
Problem with CM3D2
Hi. So, I'm attempting to use CM3D2 and it's currently not going my way at all. So I got CM3D2 and after installing it stopped working and gives me nothing but never ending error screens. So I loaded Lusterz pack and also got nothing but a never ending sea of error screens. Needless to say I am quite miffed about the whole affair and wish to know if anyone could help me? The system I'm running is a x64 Windows 10. Or at least I think so as in my system file it's labelled x86... yet every time I try CM3D2 it goes straight to x64. Anyhow, as of current I'm using the x64 files. When I was running the game Vanilla it worked but once I added anything as required it began to crash.

Now for Lusterz files here is the error screen I get,


I get it every time when I go to edit the maid. I did not touch anything or change anything. It refuses to work. So how would I fix this? As for the game file I downloaded it gives me a variety of errors but generally won't let me load the game. So there is that.

Secondly, how do I actually load the models or mods or whatever they are? The mod's I'm trying to get my hands on are these nice Strike Witches models found here,

Thing is they don't have a present file or mod file. So... what do I do? There doesn't seem to be an upload button. Or anything to do. What do I do?

So yes, I'm having some... a lot... of issues that are quite frustrating. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I'm not very tech savvy to be perfectly honest and wanted to do CM3D2 since I found it be rude to demand models or add to someones workload. But, well, this has thrown a wrench into the plan.

Again, any help will be appreciative. Sorry if I sound a bit angry, it's frustrating not knowing what's going on with a program and not knowing how to fix it either.
1 years ago
could you add direct links or at least the filenames? I for one dont know what to download from the link ;)
1 years ago
My mistake. Here's the four I download and... well been having trouble with


1 years ago
So turns out there are no models in those folders, just the mods to make the models. Fair enough. Of course still have the issue with CM3D2 of it not working.

Edit: Finally got it working! Had to delete some files, uninstall some things but I got CM3D2 to work and was able to export models and convert them to MMD. Now I just need to do some work on them with polishing.

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