1 years ago
Iwara.tv down?
Is it down for anyone else?
1 years ago
this is all i currently know

"Hello all,
Iwara is currently down because of complications with the server's hosting provider. I am in talks with them now, but worst case we will restore from a backup and continue as normal with a new home.

The problem: A copyright holder reported an issue directly to my server's hosting, rather than getting in touch with us beforehand. That led to our host reviewing the copyrighted page (which was uploaded a year ago), and happens to be a lolicon product. They locked our server until further notice. The video in question does in fact violate copyright and should not have been uploaded, but was overlooked.

Whatever the outcome with current server, we will be moving to a new main server hosting provider. I have already spoken to them about possible issues and they have agreed to allow all content in compliance with USA/California law and freedom of speech and/or expression.

While technically not in violation of french law, current host has every right to deny any content they choose. "
1 years ago
Thank you, when I tried yesterday it just wouldn't load, but today it comes up with a page that when translated says the website is under maintenance.

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